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Covers the transfer of 20 items, which could include up to:

  • 20 video tapes
  • 20 reels of home movie film
  • 20 bundles of 50 photographs (for a total of 1,000 photos, slides or 35mm negatives)
  • Mix any combination of the above to reach 20 items

list of our video, movie and photo accepted formats for digitizing

Convert Old Home Movies to Digital

The classroom lights dimmed, your teacher set up a 16mm movie projector on a cart, and pulled down a screen from the ceiling. Then tiny specks of dust would appear in the rays of light shining from the lens before the movie started. Sometimes the delicate film reels would break, so your teacher flipped on the lights and postponed the magic of movies for another day. Whether you fondly recall watching educational films at school or holiday movies your granddad shot on an old movie camera, wouldn’t it be fun to relive those good old days? It’s easy to do this when you convert old home movies to digital!

Home Movie Box Transfer 

At Heartland Box, we believe that everyone should be able to revisit the ghosts of holidays past whenever they wish. If you have home videos from the 1990s, it’s likely some of the footage has been negatively impacted by age, especially if they weren’t stored properly. Older movies are more delicate and have probably fared worse, hidden away, fading, and getting brittle with age. The only way to revisit these long forgotten recollections is to transfer delicate media to forever digital. With our 8mm transfer box, simply mix and match any combination of  these formats: 

  • 20 movie reels: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm
  • 20 videos: VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV, and Digital 8 
  • 20 bundles of 50 photographs (for a total of 1,000 photos, slides or 35mm negatives)

Converting Old Movies, Videos & Photos With Heartland Box

It’s super easy and convenient to enjoy family memories in three simple steps: 

  • Fill your Lifetime box and send it back to us
  • Our dedicated team of scanning professionals will digitize all of your memories by hand
  • Enjoy your perfectly preserved digital copies on a USB drive, digital download via the cloud, or a DVD!

Sit back and enjoy watching a lifetime of past holidays and milestones!

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